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Anna-Holiday-Baby-HireI have lived here full time for the past 16 years, but came to Courchevel originally in December 1994 to work as a chalet host.  It was only supposed to be for 1 season!!

I have 3 children and know from experience how stressfull it can be bringing young children on holiday, to unfamiliar surroundings.  Your main wish is that the children will be happy and settle in quickly, so that you can all relax and get maximum enjoyment from your holiday.  It can be a worry wondering how you will manage without your usual things; with airline baggage restrictions or limited space in the car, it would be impossible to bring everything with you.

Holiday Baby Hire has all those items that you can’t bring with you, but that would make your holiday so much easier.

We have a comprehensive range of high quality items available to rent for the duration of your stay.  Everything is carefully cleaned and safety checked to make sure it is in perfect condition for you to use.  We do not rent anything that we would not be happy to use ourselves.  Holiday Baby Hire is a member of the Baby Equipment Hirers Association which sets minimum safety standards, ensuring maximum safety and comfort.